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frequently asked questions

What methods do you offer?

While I am certified in over 10 different methods of hair extensions, I do not offer only one particular method of application. I take the safety of my clients hair and scalps very seriously. Because of this, I take all of my years of education and experience to create a custom and personal installation that would best suit your scalp, natural hair, and desired end goal.

What hand tied hair do you use?

I source all of my hair from trusted, ethically sourced, respected companies. I do not use only one brand of hair for my installs. I use multiple brands to ensure source availability, color availability, length availability, and texture availability. 

What is the difference
between wefts
and rows?

Wefts refer to the individual pieces of hand tied hair

Rows refer to the foundation 

Multiple wefts are stacked and sewn to the foundation to create your row 

How many rows will I need?

1 row - for fullness - one row is the most low maintenance option. It's purpose is not to add much length, but to add volume + fullness, as well as, fill in sparse areas.

2 rows - the most popular option. Will add fullness AND length.

2.5 or 3 rows - for naturally thick hair or blunt layers - the mini or third row are only installed if the extensions aren't able to blend with your natural hair with only two rows. We would add a mini to blend in shorter layers. We would add a third row if your natural hair is thick and requires more hair to blend with your natural density.

What is the longevity of Hand Tied Extensions?

On average, hair extension hair can be worn for 6-12 months with proper care and product usage. Without proper care, I have seen hair last as little as 4 months. With proper care, I have seen hair last as long as 14 months.  I recommend replacing individual wefts throughout your wear to lengthen your investment.

Some reasons your hair extensions are needing replaced sooner than later..

+ You aren't using recommended products.

All new installations are provided with the products needed to maintain the health of your hair extensions. Using non recommended products could result in a shorter life span of your hair extensions.

+ You aren't wearing your hair up correctly

This sounds crazy but there is a right and wrong way to wear your hair up. Using the proper hair tie is KEY. I recommend the "Invisibobble". This will not pull or stretch your hair like most traditional hair ties will. I love a high pony and messy bun as much as the next girl, but it is important to be gentle when you are tying your hair up and taking it down.


+ You aren't brushing correctly

Brushing your hair extensions is as simple as brushing your natural hair. You need to be aware and cautious of your wefts. Too vigorous brushing will cause the extensions to unravel at the seams. too little brushing will cause the hair to mat. Be sure you always brush your hair before you wash. Any tangles will be locked in once wet and will incur damage when brushing to remove.

+ You are over heat styling

Extensions do not need you to heat style often. The hair extensions will hold their style for a long period of time When you do heat style, turn the heat DOWN. I recommend no higher than 290-340 degrees.

Are Hand Tied Extensions difficult to care for?

Caring for your Hand Tied Extensions is as simple as caring for your natural hair. You will receive a detailed maintenance sheet, as well as, 4 full sized Kevin Murphy + Unite products at your install appointment to set you up for success on caring for your extensions at home.

Extensions hold style better than your natural hair making your daily routine faster and easier. This also means you can go longer in between washes + styling. Most clients wash their hair once a week and heat style 2-3 times a week on average. This will benefit your extension hair and your natural hair in the long run.

Are Hand Tied Extensions only
for adding length?

NO. Thickening services are available as well. This service is great for enhancing your natural hair by adding extra fullness + volume.  This service is also great for filling in short + sparse sides.

Are Hand Tied Extensions good for an active lifestyle?

YES. Hand Tied Extensions are flat + seamless so they can be worn in many different styles that are cohesive with an active lifestyle. Braids, top knots, and pony tails are all possible.

You are able to maintain an active workout routine and still wear hair extensions. Washing your hair extensions after every workout is not requires.

Tips on wearing hair extensions and working out..

+ Be sure you are using a proper hair tie. I recommend the "Invisibobble" because it is more gentle and will not pull/damage like more traditional hair ties. A silk scrunchie is another good option.

+ Wear a sweat band. If you are concerned about sweat and your hair extensions, wearing a sweat band or headband can help soak up the sweat and prevent your hair from getting wet from sweat.

+ Blow-dry your sweat. If you do work out and sweat but dont want to wash, spray your scalp with dry shampoo and blow dry your hair until dry.

+ Mini wash. If you need to wash between workouts but do not want to wash all of your hair, a mini wash is the solution. A mini wash is washing the top portion of your natural hair above your hair extensions. This will give you a fresh washed end result without having to wash all of your hair.

How long will the appointment be?

Consultation calls average 15-30 minutes

Your first installation appointment will take anywhere from 3-5+ hours.

Maintenance appointments vary. This depends on the number of rows you wear, whether you are receiving a maintenance appointment alone or a maintenance appointment and color service. Maintenance appointments can take anywhere from 1-5 hours.

Please feel free to bring your laptop computer or other work during your appointment. I understand that your work hours may coincide with mine and I do not mind if you need to work during your appointment.

Are Hand Tied Extensions Damaging?

Honestly, almost every service offered in a hair salon can be damaging to your hair. The key is your stylist.

It is crucial to find a stylist that is educated and certified in hair extensions, and that takes pride in continuing their education. I recommend finding a stylist that specializes in the type of extensions you are seeking. Your stylist is the difference between a great service and a horrible service.

The hand tied extensions that I offer require no heat, glue, tape, or any adhesive allowing for the least opportunity for damage.

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